Near & Final Moments

terminalIf it is the time for your pet to pass, Reiki can help bring peace and ease of suffering. It can help the grieving family return to love and acceptance, honoring the memory and time they had with their cherished pet. By helping a dying animal to resolve any emotional or mental imbalances and release any energy that is not serving its highest good, the animal is free to transition with peace and love.

During this time, it is also important to perform sessions with the family of the animal. These sessions can help the family to be present to enjoy the final days with their animal as well as to help them have clarity when making decisions regarding the welfare of the animal. Helping the family through their grief can also provide relief for the animal who may try to hold on and prolong their suffering in an effort to help ease the family’s pain.


*I am an Ordained Minister and can perform your beloved pet’s Last Rites if you wish.